Autumn in the Ledro Valley and Trentino

Trentino and Val di Ledro in autumn: a land of events, foliage and goodness.

Autumn in the Ledro Valley and Trentino  | Affitti Vacanze Crosina Remo

The time of the year when the days get shorter and the temperatures lower, although they still remain mild, is the best to go on expedition in search of the beauties of the Ledro Valley and the Trentino. Autumn, with the magical atmosphere created by its wonderful colours, offers a real lot to its visitors. There, you can admire the transformation of nature, but also the many festivals related to the peasant tradition, the wonderful mountain lakes never as magical as during this season, and the fabulous castles with their many stories and legends.

Let’s have a closer look.


Where to photograph the foliage in Trentino and on Lake Ledro

In autumn, the nature transforms and starts to shine in those beautiful gold colours. It is the so-called foliage that shows us the autumn metamorphosis of the vegetation. In Trentino, there are a great variety of places where you can admire and photograph this phenomenon.

With their blooming flora and a series of panoramic paths, the Ledro Valley and Val Concei offer plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the autumn beauty: walking up the hillsides, you can observe the way the nature changes with the altitude, adopting new shapes and nuances every time.

If you are still looking for a wider view, then we recommend to plan a trip to the Rifugio San Pietro, situated above Canale di Tenno, where you can admire the incredible nature that embraces Lake Garda from above or set out for an expedition to discover the Trentino’s vineyards where the panorama shines in a thousand colours.


The local festivals

Wine, chestnuts, but also pears, vegetables, radicchio and beer: the autumn in Trentino offers a lot of beauties and delicacies. Just like every other place attached to the own peasant tradition, the Trentino region as well is used to celebrating the various phases of the harvest. The autumn in particular offers a great many smaller and bigger festivals where you can taste the delicacies grown in the region.

Among all festivals, we want to name the “Festa del radiccio” (the radicchio festival) at Bieno, the “Festa della Zucca” (the pumpkin festival) at Lasino, “L’Autunno DiVino” (a wordplay meaning “The Divine Autumn” created with the words for “the wine autumn”) of Besenello, the Bardolino wine festival and the pumpkin, honey and chestnut festival at Lavis. But there is also the “giornata dei Maroni in festa” (the day of the celebrating chestnuts) at Drena and the gourmet show by “Garda con Gusto” at Riva del Garda.  Plenty of opportunities to explore the territory through the local gastronomy.


The most beautiful lakes

The lakes are even more beautiful in autumn because they reflect the beautiful colours of the transforming nature in their waters. The first one, the closest to where we are and undoubtedly one of the most fascinating lakes of the Trentino region is Lake Ledro. The autumn calmness gives Lake Ledro a magical appearance, with its peaceful waters slightly rippled by the fresh breeze, a real paradise for the eyes and the senses.

Only a few dozens of kilometres away, you can reach Lake Garda. Right here, around Italy’s biggest body of water, the panorama changes: We are in the place where the Mediterranean world meets the Alps, creating a worldwide unique ecosystem which is beautiful to explore during every season of the year.

Lake Tenno with the nearby medieval village of Canale is certainly a destination worth a visit and easy to reach from Pieve di Ledro, and if you feel like exploring further areas, we can recommend also the picturesque Lago di Toblino, a place made famous by the world of cinema, proceeding towards Levico and Caldonazzo, also among the most famous lakes of the Trentino.


The most spectacular castles

Many of the people who decide to spend their holiday in Trentino are searching for traces of the past. The castles with their mighty stone walls are undoubtedly one of the most prestigious witnesses of the history of this territory

Among the closest ones to us, to the Ledro Valley, there are the Castello di Stenico, a fortified residence with its original nucleus that dates back to the 12th century, the medieval Castello di Arco, the Rocca in the centre of Riva del Garda and the Bastion with its panoramic view of the town.

In the Vallagarina Valley, you can visit the Castle of Avio, anciently the residence of the Counts of Castelbarco, as well as Castel Beseno, the largest and most imposing castle of the Trentino, whereas in the regional capital, you can find the Buonconsiglio Castle, for centuries the residence of the prince-bishops and still one of the most popular and most visited places in the area.

What are you waiting for to plan your holiday in Trentino? We are waiting for you at Residence Toli and Casa Lucia for an unforgettable autumn.