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Activities on Ledro Lake


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Nature Holiday

Lake Ledro boasts 4 fully-equipped beaches and is one of the cleanest and most beautiful lakes in Trentino, making it the ideal place for swimming, fishing, sailing and canoeing. Did you know that Lake Ledro is the home of a World Heritage Site? The archaeological discovery of a stilt-house settlement has resulted in the opening of one of the best museums in Trentino where visitors can learn about tools and objects which were used by our forefathers. And for our young visitors we have created “Palafittando”, an activity programme through which they can gain first-hand experience of how prehistoric man used to live by crafting bows, arrows and small clay objects.

Walking and Hiking

Lake Ledro offers a wide range of interesting walking routes and hiking trails suiting any level of proficiency and experience, making it the perfect place for all, from the amateur rambler who loves walking across beautiful and relaxing scenery, to the more intrepid trekker. A must-do is the ‘Ledro Alps Trek’, an exciting hiking trail which runs across the Ledro Alps Nature Reserves Network through virgin wilderness, breath-taking scenery, unique aromas and spectacular landscapes – a 360-degree experience in the nature that surrounds Lake Ledro! With our ‘Guest Card’, which is included in our packages, our guests can take part in any of the numerous family walks included in the ‘Excursions in Nature’ programme organised by local guides.

Mountain Biking

The Ledro Valley is a mountain biker’s paradise, offering over 200 km of bike trails to suit the tastes of all visitors, from those who wish to take the family out for a relaxing ride, to professional cyclists. The cycle path along the Ponale trail and the steep road that reaches the top of Mount Tremalzo are absolute musts for all bike lovers.


In the Ledro Valley sport is enjoyed all year round and one of the activities that can be done whatever the time of the year is canyoning. Natural rock slides, waterfalls, jumps and descents down gorges and streams make canyoning in the Ledro Valley a unique, adrenaline-packed and fun experience. Our expert local alpine guides organise excursions both along the Palvico stream (for the less experienced) and along the Rio Nero (for the braver ones).


What’s more exciting than running in an ‘outdoor gym’? The best way to train is out in the open, breathing in clean air surrounded by the spectacular nature around Lake Ledro, and exploring the many running trails which are scattered all over the Ledro Valley and which can cater for all levels of proficiency.


Paragliding is the most spectacular way of enjoying the landscape and scenery around Lake Ledro. That’s because from up above everything looks so different! The many paragliding schools in the Ledro Valley offer lessons with professional instructors so anyone – even those that have never been up in the air before – can experience paragliding in total safety.

Climbing and Via Ferratas

On Lake Ledro there are 3 areas where rock climbing can be practised both by professional climbers and by families and children. The via ferratas, which can be found mainly around Lake Garda, are protected climbing routes equipped with steel cables and iron rungs.

Winter Holidays

When the bright summer colours give way to white blankets of snow the Ledro Valley becomes the ideal spot to practise sports that are suited to all, such as winter hiking, snowshoe walking, sled dog racing and alpine skiing.

Animal-friendly Holidays

All our apartments are animal-friendly and can be equipped with all the necessary items such as litter trays and pet welcoming kits free of charge. Did you know that the Ledro Valley is one of the best places to go on holiday with your dog? The Pur beach in Ledro is dog-friendly and here dogs can go for a swim together with their beloved owners.

Family Holiday

Lake Ledro is a safe and quiet place where families can enjoy a worry-free activity holiday. With the many activities organised around the lake such as the ‘Excursions in Nature’ programme and ‘Palafittando’, the numerous places of interest such as the ‘ReLed’ museum network, as well as the spectacular lake itself, there is plenty for children to do, and a holiday packed with fun activities and wonderful surprises is guaranteed!

Taste Tourism

One of the best ways of discovering a place is through its traditional foods. Our dishes are all inspired by the culinary traditions of Trentino with some Bohemian influences dating back to the First World War. And our signature dish? That’s potato polenta (‘polenta di patate’) – the typical local dish par excellence – closely followed by Bohemian dumplings (‘gnocchi boemi’), traditional pancakes (‘livanze’) and freshwater fish-based dishes.


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